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Dryer vent cleaning

About Dryer Vent Cleaning

Facts about home clothes dryer fires. 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year. Most of the fireplaces happen due to lint buildup in the vent and ductwork. Atlantic Vents Cleaning can thoroughly clean your dryer vent reducing the risk of your dryer catching on fire.

The benefits of the dryer vent cleaning:

A dryer vent cleaning can improve the efficiency of your dryer and reduce the risk of a fire at your home. A blocked vent leads to increased energy consumption by your dryer. Having your dryer vent cleaned can not only help you prevent a house fire, but it can help you save money through reduced energy bills. The dryer will last longer and your clothes will dry quicker. In general it’s recommended to clean a dryer vent once in 5-6 months depending on the usage frequency.

Call Atlantic Vents Cleaning today and order one of the following services: 

- Dryer Vent cleaning 

- Inspections services (cleaning inside the dryer machine) 

- Video inspections of the dryer vent 

- Dryer Vent Installation (metallic or aluminum) 

- Bird guard cleaning 

Call us today to make an appointment to safeguard your family. It’s probably cheaper than you think! 


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